What is Hasiruvasi and Why :

Hasiruvasi is fortnightly magazine completely dedicated to Agriculture-Science and Environment in Kannada and English. The magazine will also be published with new technology tools like mobile Apps and an online portal.

Karnataka is rich in minerals and natural resources. Fossil remains found in the state's nook and corners stand testimony to many Traditional Agriculture, Irrigation, Architecture, Sculpturing, Literature, Science and Technology. As the world is closing towards environmental disasters due global warming, deforestation and abuse of natural resources including water and soil, we find it duty bound to contribute our bit to create awareness and share the knowledge among farmers, intellectuals, policy makers and more importantly the common man who needs to be educated on the ill effects of environmental degradation and encourage him to participate in the protection, conservation and preservation of depleting natural resources. That is why we have come out with a dedicated magazine that would cater to all the sections of the society and help us achieve our mission. We would cover topics such as Agriculture, Environment, Water etc. including best practices in these fields. The magazine will also be useful for farmers to share their concerns, doubts and get remedies apart from information about facilities and technology know-how related to agriculture and water conservation.

The Editorial :

The editorial team is headed by Radhakrishna Bhadti, a house hold name in Karnataka. He has over 25 years of experience in the field of Journalism, having worked for well known Kannada newspapers like Vijaya Karnataka, Kannada Prabha, Vishwa Vani etc. Starting his career by being a proof reader, rising to be a Chief Editor, he has strived in all strata and the rich professional experience earned over the years is his main strength.

Mr. Bhati has penned write ups about matters and issues of highly complex nature in the form of columns for three major Newspapers for a period of 12 years successfully. This includes Write ups about Nature with special research about Water. 7 handbooks about Water related write ups are published works which numbers to a total of 11. These apart, 6 books are queued up for publication at the printing press.

He has, to his credit, more than 5000 write ups, articles and columns published in Kasturi, Taranga, Sudha Sakhi Samyuktha Karnataka, Vikrama Kannada Prabha, Vishwavani prominent newspapers and tabloids of the State.

He has presented papers and given lectures about Water conservation at more than 150 conferences and seminars held in Karnataka and abroad.

Mr. Bhadti has participated in many Interviews, talk shows in All India Radio and Doordarshan on above topics and subjects.